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Earning trust

April 28, 2018

Kari Fulmek and Carolyn Charles from Equine Connection have been some of my most encouraging clients.

They approached me to do the first video for them on eXmerce (a local barter system) a year ago. They liked what they saw me do for other clients, and gave me a shot to do the same for them.

In the end, we ended up creating about six videos so far (like the ones below), which are shown throughout their website

There were some hiccups with audio not recording for our first project together, as Kari referred to in the testimonial video at the top of this post, but we rebooked and fixed my error, making the final product reach our goals.

They’ve proven to me that being honest and open is the best policy, and that I can do this content creating business professionally.

I look forward to working on another project with them soon about Kari’s life story. She’s lived a remarkable life so far, and if you contact them, you can get a short e-book about it. It’s a great read, and will make for an incredible video.


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