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July 6, 2018

I’m not the biggest car nut out there, but I certainly enjoy a good classic.

I’ve been photographing and writing for Canadian Hot Rods magazine, and the sister publication Bone Stock & Modified Muscle Cars for over four years now, and it’s been a blast. The focus of the photos is on the cars, but good people make the stories worthwhile. There’s no better way to make a friend then to spend several hours photographing their car, then handing them the images for free because the publisher would rather not taint the editorial content. You can’t buy a feature spot in the mags, it’s earned by merit of build and story.

With that said, Cliff Guinand, owner and builder of the 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger Special pictured above, has story in spades.

He wrote his own feature for BSMMC, which you can get in the latest edition out on shelves, or available online here:

Guinand has tonnes of history on his own website,, and has fun photos to find on his Instagram accounts – @swinger340specials and @burnouts_garage.

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