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July 6, 2018

I really enjoyed the couple of hours I had with Olly and Jacob for the interview this video was spliced from, and a photo shoot back in January for airdrielife magazine.

In two years, Steve Campbell and Ryan Russell have cemented themselves in pop culture as Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown, the comical hockey duo that live on social media under the banner of On the Bench (OTB).

This photo was taken on the outdoor rink in Airdrie where many of their videos have been created. I strategically broke an old lens filter to leave the centre open, as if they had just broke the glass and were pulling the puck out. It’s an idea I saw in an editorial photo illustration of Parliament Hill in Ottawa to illustrate brokenness. For them, I thought it lent itself well to their slapstick humour and accidental nature. They’re unrehearsed, off-the-cuff creativity brings a smile to my face and millions of others.

If you don’t follow them, find them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the like right now.

Here’s the full story:

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